The petition

Snus is illegal for sale in the EU, except Sweden.

Now I’m a new and, thus far, a provisional Snuser; still; sing it?

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Before Snusing

I’m a smoker. I smoke quite heavily; currently over half a
box – say 5,6,7 – filter cigars a day. Moors filters at present. I
have smoked roll-ups – about 20g a day I guess. I don’t know …
Plenty. I went through a long phase of smoking beedies – those
little Indian things – interspersed with rollies or small cigars.
About a pack a day – 25 to a pack. And I smoke at a pretty constant
“drip, drip” rate. Used to be, there’d always be a smoke to hand.
Not necessary alight; rollies or beedies go out, they’d sit and
after 10,20,30 mins get lit, puffed, put down… Now there’s no
indoor smoking, I’m up and out every so often… Puff, puff and
back indoors to work, read, tv, whatever. I have given up twice.
First time with micro-tabs, second time with champex. The second
time was easier. Both lasted about a year and ended with the
occasional cigar stretching into a very heavy cigar habit which had
to be reigned back. I guess I have emphysema. Apart from that I
suffer no immediate ill health. I cycle to and from work, go on
sturdy walks and cross- country sky. I am a but short of breath but
as I’ve never been athletic as such and don’t go with anyone who’s
mote athletic than I, it has little impact. When I’m low on
nicotine I suffer from a bit of paranoia, fret a lot, dwell and can
be a bit spiteful. That’s not the immediate shortage affect – that
is more like dizziness an inability to think straight or talk. So I
do self medicate. I stink. Worse now I have to smoke outside. I
gave a puff or few, pinch the smoke out and put it in my pocket for
later. My pockets used to contain half smoked rollies, beedies –
now small cigars. Sometimes I remember to put the thing back in the
box; mostly not. It’s been like this for 35 years almost.

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